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Word origin

java [jä′və, jav′ə] - An island of Indonesia separated from Borneo by the Java Sea, an arm of the western Pacific Ocean. From Java, the island on and near which a particular blend of coffee is made. The US use of the term to refer to any coffee originated in San Francisco, an early center of the US coffee trade...

In 1990, Java House was discovered by the three Yazdani brothers looking to start a cafe similar to the ones in Europe. At that time, coffee was something you purchased “fresh” at a local convenience or grocery store. The public really had no understanding of what it was or how fresh coffee was supposed to taste. There were simply no nationally known coffee companies that offered this during that time.

One of the three brothers Uncle “Mike” loved to travel to Ethiopia and Portugal. Throughout his travels he noticed that in Ethiopia, people would wake up in the morning and place fresh green coffee beans on a frying pan to roast over an open fire. When the roasting has been completed, they would grind the beans and make ground coffee out of it. While In Portugal, he noticed people going to cafes in the morning and having their daily espresso’s along with their breakfast. He also noticed that coffee was not just a morning beverage but instead people were stopping by all throughout the day. It was a part of the people's everyday lives there.

With the help of his two brothers “Arty” and “Ed”, they put the two concepts together and viola! They originated Java House, based on the principle of “enjoying a freshly brewed cup of java in a neighborhood setting.”